23 July 2010

Seattle, Day 4

On day 4 of Seattle, I was starting to feel the burn from walking up and down the Hills of Pain and Suffering.

On top of that, I seemed to have caught a cold some where - which is odd, since I seemed to have been in Seattle the ONLY week out of the year where it was a steady 80 degrees and sunny. Not one day of rain. So, I will not say I caught a cold - I will say I caught a pleasantly warm and sunny. Bizarre. I must have made a sacrifice to the right god or something. A hamster sacrifice.

So, back to feeling the burn and otherwise feeling like crap. I was not going to let that stop me from doing touristy things!

So, I rolled down the Hills of Pain and Suffering back down to the piers.

Ok, I walked, but it was really painful and I almost cried when I had to climb back up them.

But, it was completely worth it. For $6.90, I took a half hour ferry ride.

It's an F-E-R-R-Y ride. Not a F-A-I-R-Y ride. Just thought I'd clarify that.

So, it didn't look like this:

I took about 50 bazillion pictures on the ferry because the landscape was BEAUTIFUL!! What this means is that Ied post 5,000 pictures of the SAME DARN MOUNTAIN on facebook and SAVED SOMEONE'S LIFE because the pictures were so inspirational and wonderful that they found new meaning in their existance and finally found the will to go on!!

This is the path of the ferry ride I took to Bainbridge Island. I really recommend it!

Bainbridge was this cute little town with these cute little shops and I wanted to buy everything! But I satisfied myself with adorable salt and pepper shakers!!

After I got back, I went back to my hotel and collapsed. Again.

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