21 July 2010

Seattle, Day 2

Day 2, Seattle.

I start out the day by going to Management Analysis class, which is really boring. People were nice - one woman was a total Mean Girl, but liked me for some reason so we went out for lunch every day so I could sit there and listen to her critisize everything everybody else was doing. It was interesting, being on That Side of the social ladder for 4 days. I mostly just sat there quietly, listened, and bean-dipped (penny for anyone who can tell me what that means!), but still it was very high school.

The three hour time change was really messing with my head and I had trouble concentrating.

But then class was over. I went to my hotel room for a quick change (and flirt with the bellboy. What? Men love girls in a red suit), then went back down the hills. On the way down, I was followed by a homeless man who was smoking weed as he asked me questions in an alien language. I escaped by jumping in a cab to take a $4 ride to Pioneer Square, which was WONDERFUL.

Then, I went on the Seattle Underground tour, where I learned that the historical population of seattle was 80% lumberjacks and 20% *ahem* seamstresses. With no sewing machines. Here I am, pretending to be a seamstress. Would you pay me 10 cents to fix your clothes?

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