06 August 2010

Brother In Law Identity

YEARS ago, my sister, Jenny, went out on a date. She met a guy online who called her a "seemingly normal person" (wow, he was way off! ;)) and he was british and had nice pictures on his profile, so she met him at a mexican restaurant.

Being her siblings, my younger sister, Megan, and I HAD to morph this into an opportunity to tease our sister.

Since this was an online romance at the time, we went with Identity #1: "he's really an old fat guy,"

Dad even offered to go with her on the date and sit at another table to wait for a signal to get her out of there if the date was going badly. He was only half joking.

But, when my sister came back looking like this:

we had to let go of that one as chances were, considering Jenny's taste in men, he was not an old fat guy.

The next logical step was that he was, Identity #2, a drug dealer. Here's what Andy would look like with all the typical markings of a man of that trade:

But then we met him and he was waaaaaaaaaaaay to clean and well put together and well spoken to be a drug dealer.

This leads us to Identity #3: The British Spy.

But after several years of knowing Andy after he married my sister, I have finally, FINALLY discovered his secret identity. Andy is Super Brit. He's just brilliant at everything he does! So, he gets a super suit and a fancy hat with an exceptionally large feather.

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